Our Bespoke Experience

Elevating Your Sourcing Experience

At Otis On Park, we redefine sourcing as an art, crafting a bespoke journey from inception to completion. We pride ourselves on seamless digital engagement, catering to clients worldwide.

We accept client requests via Instagram DM, Email to contact@otisonpark.com or through our Contact Form on our website. More than ninety percent of our business is done digitally, so do not worry if you don’t live in New York City – we constantly work with clients from all over the world.

Customization is at the heart of our operation, whether you seek a diamond, jewelry, handbag, or timepiece. Your preferences and budget are paramount, guiding us to your ideal creation. For custom jewelry, you can share images, ideas, or entrust us with the entire creative process.

Our mission extends to education, demystifying the world of jewelry and investment-grade accessories. We are your dedicated guides, ready to address your questions and concerns.

With this foundation, the sourcing process commences. Our extensive network of diamond dealers, private collectors, auction houses and insiders connects us to every corner of the globe. Our expertise refines the options, ensuring a tailored selection that mirrors your desires and financial scope.

Introducing the exclusive "Otis Atelier - Suite," a private realm accessible only by you. Here, your bespoke selection awaits, enriched with essential details: videos, images, gemstone certificates, pricing, and our insights into each item's qualities and potential limitations.

We never impose a style; your feedback refines the search until perfection is achieved. Upon your decision, payment secures your chosen item, removing it from the market. Please note, until the payment is settled, the item remains accessible to others.

For custom jewelry, our journey continues in New York's iconic Diamond District. Our artisans and workshops stand ready to bring your vision to life. Designs can be adjusted before the final nod of approval.

Upon receiving your order, whether it's a handbag, timepiece, or jewelry, meticulous inspection is carried out. Items that meet our rigorous "Otis Standard" for quality are swiftly shipped, complete with a tracking number for your peace of mind.

Expect a lead time of approximately 8 to 10 weeks for custom jewelry orders, from inception to completion.

At Otis On Park, we curate a sourcing experience that is both sophisticated and seamless.