Sourcing Concierge

Otis On Park: Where Sourcing Finds its True Essence

Otis On Park emerged from the fervent passion of its founder, Michela Gombacci Minoli.

What began as an experiment swiftly evolved into a finely-tailored boutique concierge and sourcing service, embodying the very essence of exclusivity and discernment.

In a mere two years, Otis On Park has emerged as the epitome of trust, catering to a clientele that spans the globe. We have surpassed all initial expectations, setting the gold standard for sourcing impeccable diamonds, investment-grade handbags, and timeless timepieces.

The worlds of jewelry and luxury handbags are undeniably saturated, yet our unwavering commitment to our clients compelled us to redefine the way we deliver these treasures to you. Our approach is rooted in transparency, honesty, and total personalization.


Sourcing is a nascent industry, a product of the contemporary era. It revolves around satisfying the cravings for the extraordinary, the elusive, and the unattainable, with a trusted broker acting on your behalf every step of the way. The modern luxury consumer demands convenience, precision, and immediacy.

The e-commerce and resale sectors have already disrupted the industry over the last decade, and now it's sourcing's turn to revolutionize the way you acquire exceptional items, all with an unwavering commitment to detail.

At Otis On Park, we prioritize our clients' unique needs. Every interaction becomes a personal exchange, and each client receives a heartfelt note from the Founder herself.

Our distinctive sourcing model grants us and our clientele the tremendous advantage of not being burdened by excessive inventory. As a result, we never impose specific diamonds or bags on you—there's no need.

We act as your dedicated advocates, securing the most favorable deals. With a limited inventory, we can source precisely what you desire from around the world. It's a true disruption in the online world.

Welcome to Otis On Park, where luxury takes on a new, distinguished form.